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Parallel Lines

Our Experience

Sisifo Analytics brings more than 15 years of combined experience across multiple industries, functions, and project types. 

Comida Knolling

Food and Beverage Conglomerate

Examined the client’s end-to-end Supply Chain organization and re-established their operating model by centralizing certain supply chain functions while keeping others local based on functional and regional business needs

Experimento de laboratorio

Medical Device Manufacturer

Led distribution cost savings assessment to identify opportunities through warehouse footprint and capacity analysis, back-order inventory allocation optimization, inventory ABC classifications and other logistics opportunities

Planta de gas

Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturer

Conducted Transportation Sourcing event across modes (FTL, LTL, Flatbed, Hotshots, Air, and Ocean) and across regions (US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and rest of world).







Edificio Corporativo

Private Equity

Implemented Cloud Data Architecture with AWS to improve reporting times and provide real-time analytics to private equity firms with 35+ companies in their portfolio.

Las pantallas de la aplicación

Super Apps

Experienced the process of building an AWS infrastructure to support the proper functioning of a Super App. As well as using the same infrastructure to provide real-time analytics on all aspects and managing AWS Costs.


Paints, Coatings, and Specialty Materials Industry

Created scrappers that provided the right data for stakeholders to make high-cost decisions in production plant placements around the world.

Reduced Reporting Times






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