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Parallel Lines
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Case Study

Nacascolo Holdings

Nacascolo is a Costa Rican Private Equity that was facing challenges accessing data to prepare reports for their portfolio companies. Each portfolio company had a different system and accessing their data was complex. For example, it took 2-3 business days to prepare weekly/monthly reports and 2-3 weeks to complete quarterly/annual reporting.


Value Provided

  • Streamlined Operations by providing a centralized view of business data closer to real-time

  • Enhanced Customer Insights by identifying customer preferences, behaviors, and needs

  • Enhanced decision making across functions by identifying patterns, trends, and insights

  • Improved cost-effectiveness by moving from on-premise solutions to cloud solutions for several portfolio companies

  • Increased scalability by adjusting data needs up or down per user requirements

  • Increased security through improved access policies and encryption

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Sisifo’s Solution

Established a data infrastructure with the following components:

Integrated data from various data sources to create a robust data flow

  • Data warehouse with simple storage service to store and retrieve fluctuating data volumes

  • Data Lake Formation to connect to different data sources

  • ETL Structure to allow us to extract, transform and load data

  • Query service to analyze large data sets using SQL

  • Cluster platform to run big data frameworks, such as Appache Spark

  • Integrated data from external sources such as Supermetrics and social media/online platforms

  • Integrated data from internal systems such as SAP, Quickbooks, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and NetSuite

  • Improved data quality by identifying and resolving inconsistencies, duplicates, and errors

  • Increased efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to collect, process, and analyze data

Conducted advanced data analytics using Python, APIs, and Power BI

  • Implemented Power BI as the main visualization tool across functions

  • Leveraged Python to identify patterns, trends, and insights

  • Programmed Data Gateways to refresh data on a real-time manner

  • Provided a holistic view of business financial and operational metrics

  • Created Automated Reports for all 35 portfolio companies

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